Montaldo Winery





di Paolo Virgili
via Donati, 2 - 46100 MANTOVA

Tel. 0376 322560
Fax 0376 223323
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Wine producers in the “Basso” or low area of the Mantuan territory believe in the potential of the hilled countryside (as Virgilio wrote: “… and in the high area on the rocky mounts of the hills, grapes while ripening become sweet”- Goergoche II 522) and so the Virgili family purchased and developed the Montasldo winery.  Situated in the community of Volta Mantovana, the estate produces the best DOC wines in the “Alto” or high area of Mantova.

The wines are sold at the winery shop in Mantova, a short trip from the historic city centre at the Virgili Wineries.