Ricchi Winery




di Claudio e Gian Carlo Stefanoni
Strada Festoni, 13/D - Loc. Ricchi

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Fax + 39 0376 807007
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Our wine production comes from a long history of respect for the land, for the grapes produced, for the flavors and rhythms that nature has always whispered to us. The advanced technologies we use are useful to improve the quality of the product, and allow our "ethics" of the production to respect the traditions and the slow aging process that are of fundamental importance to us.
Precisely for this reason, we love to follow the production cycle carefully, watching over every step according to the needs of each wine: from grape analysis contacts to batonnage, from the fermentation of the yeasts to the cultivation of aromas and the right support of the oak barrels during the final stage of aging.
Our tasting rooms are devoted to the examination of our production processes and the tasting of our wines. A pleasant reception allows our customers to choose and purchase the products that we offer directly on the estate.