Cantina Gozzi



dei F.lli Cesare e Franco Gozzi

Via Ortaglia, 16 - Loc. Olfino

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Immersed in the green woods of hornbeam and oak, the Gozzi brothers' Colombara Farm is located in the heart of Mantova’s morainic hills. Established in the 20's, the estate has maintained a mixed farming system since the 1980’s. The company, whose current surface is 36 hectares, is still run by the Gozzi family but it is now dedicated solely to the wine sector and has made substantial investments in agricultural plants in the vineyards, in the construction of the cellar for wine-making and in wooden barrels for refined wine aging.
The most important production concerns the DOC Garda wines, the crus aged in wood (Red Saline, Vigna Magrini and Colombara) and the brut classic method and extra dry sparkling white wines.