Cobelli Winery Association



di Cobelli Angelo,Lorenzo e figli s.s.

Strada Madonna della Porta, 12
Loc. Bande - 46040 CAVRIANA

Tel. e fax +39 0376 82135
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The farm Cobelli, located Bands Cavriana, is still a family business. In the area, the estate is known as the "Bastià" - by Sebastian Cobelli, the great-grandfather's name -  and it has always produced the local wines in the vineyards of the area that are on the highest hills of the town where you can enjoy the whole view of the lake Garda. The cellar, renovated in 1995 and expanded in 2005 with tasting room and wine storage, combines the modern style with the traditional criteria, allowing the family to select the highest quality grapes and the wine making procedures to obtain high quality wines.