Carpi and Sorbara Winery


Via Cavata, 14
41012 CARPI (MO)

Tel + 39 059 643071
Fax + 39 059 641911
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Cantina Sociale was founded in Carpi in 1903. All the years since have been used in the search of a continuous development, out of love for the "lively, slightly crazy wine called Lambrusco". In the twenty-first century the winery realized the visionary project that was fortified by mergers, processes of modernization and technological upgrading of the plant and the product, especially in the factories of Concordia and Rio Saliceto, in September 2002 the construction of the new headquarters began and was completed in 2003.
The building has been equipped with innovative features in line with the market and especially with the current regulations. Maximum attention was paid to the aspects that respond better to the problems concerning aspects like sanitation, work safety and environmental impact. The history of Cantina di Carpi and Sorbara has always been characterized by aggregations with other wineries in the area. The most recent mergers were with the Cantina di Poggio Rusco in the 2011 and with the Cantina di Sorbara in 2012. These partnerships made it possible to diversify and offer a greater variety of products, especially thanks to the bottling plant in Sorbara. The winery looks towards the future incisively and aims for the excellent quality of the final product that the customer purchases.


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