Cattani Winery



Strada Cavallara 2

46040 Cavriana (MN)

Tel. + 39 0376 82 231
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Paretaio, Riarso, Vigna Nobile: the vineyards of Cattani have ancient names as the land that surrounds them. Distributed on the necks, to around 120 meters on the level of the sea, they lean out on the earths of the Gonzagas, between Mantua, Bescia and Verona. The vineyards are selected among the most famous varieties to give the best on the morainic ground of glacial origin of the lake of Garda. Cultivated with obstinacy and tenacity from centuries, they give life to a green and luxuriant hilly landscape, witness of a generous land.
The heart of the wine cellar Cattani is a fresh and damp cave drawn in the stone: inside, during the war, wine, oil and precious were hidden. Today that small cave has become the cooper. The porticos, once used as household implements, welcomes now the modern equipments and workmanship of the grapes.
And the old barns have been turned in comfortable rooms for hospitality.


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