Cantina Malavasi (2)


Località S. Giacomo Sotto, 1


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The Company Malavasi adopted as a philosophy of producing a program of improving the quality of its wines in a sustainable and reduced content of sulfur dioxide.

The Company’s products of Malavasi are created with the intent to excite the three senses of vision, smell and taste in harmony with the unique characteristics of an area suited to viticulture for its calcareous clays that transmit minerality and a climate influenced by the proximity of the lake that enables higher temperature enhancing the aromas, the end result is amplified by a vine (Turbiana) which characterizes and identifies with its scents and flavors the beauty of the land where it was born

For 4 generations  the family Malavasi is devoted to agriculture and especially viticulture. 

The company currently occupies 14.5 hectares of vineyards located in two different areas of Lake Garda, the first in the town of Pozzolengo where you will find the corporate headquarters, the wine cellar and storage.

In addition to the typical wines of the area, the cellar produces an interesting Lambrusco Mantovano DOP.