Reale Winery


Strada Volta - Monzambano 34

46049 Volta Mantovana (MN)

Tel. + 39 0376 83 409
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The Boselli-owned firm dates as far back as 1442. In its more recent history, the main character is GIANNI BOSELLI and his wife, GRAZIELLA, along with mammy Rosa, who have been carrying on the good work of daddy LUCIANO with great enthusiasm and energy. From 2013 the firm is in the hands of his son Massimo and the wife Morena and they give more continuos quality in the wines, in the system of  working and in the marketing. The Reale Cellar lies on the Mantuan Morenic Hills, at an altitude of 100m. a few kilometres from Lake Garda, in the District of Volta Mantovana, surrounded by the River Mincio Park. The firm stands on 18 hectares of vineyards from which the grapes are transformed into wine, then bottled and later commercialised. The REALE Cellar is a small firm which has been working for many years on top quality, after having invested so much in the vineyards themselves, in the modern vinification and stock cellars, in the ageing cellar for the important red wines and lastly in the bottling premises.